The right process

Your writing will showcase the best of you, but this endeavor takes a great deal of introspection and hard work. I will guide you every step of the way. 

Step one: Hello! We talk goals, packages, and timeline over the phone. 

Step two: Brainstorming. I send you a custom questionnaire on google docs, which you will fill out before our first meeting. 

Step three: Topic and Outline. We meet, ideally in person, to accomplish two goals: choosing a topic and structuring the essay. 

Step four: The "Down Draft."* Follow the outline, but allow yourself to improvise. Write, write, write. Word count worries are not allowed here :) 

Step five: Editing and more editing. We pass the essay back and forth electronically--I give you notes and you decide how to incorporate them. You can take as many drafts as you need.

Step six: Polishing. You started with a big chunk of marble and now you've whittled it down to an intricate, well-crafted sculpture. We make sure the writing is perfect, down to every word and punctuation mark. 

This process works for ANY piece of writing, whether it's a personal essay for college or grad school, a cover letter for a job application, or a speech for a special occasion. We tweak the approach slightly depending on your end goals, but we will always highlight your specific strengths. With The Right Essay, you'll tell your story and show off your impeccable writing skills at the same time. 

*Borrowed from Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird

Essay PACkages

We take all essays from initial brainstorm to completion. I do not charge per draft because I believe my clients should be 100% content with each essay, regardless of the number of drafts or hours it requires. All necessary phone calls, skype sessions, emails, and meetings are included in the package. For other types of writing, feel free to call or email so we can customize a package. 

• One-hour topic consultation
• Personal statement
• One supplemental essay
• Each additional supplemental essay: $150

• One-hour topic consultation
• UNLIMITED essays (personal and supplemental)
• Up to three FULL application reviews

I design my packages to save you money. Writing tutors typically charge $120 per hour. If I charged by the hour, my basic package would look like this:

- Initial brainstorming session = $120 (1 hour)                                              - Personal statement (typically between 12-20 hours) = $1800 (15 hours) - One supplemental essay (3 - 6 hours) = $480 (4 hours)                      --     Grand total = $2400

Instead, you get a $2400 value for just $850. You don't have to keep track of hours or drafts. Even better, you get unlimited writing help whenever you need it without worrying about how much it costs. 

Terms to know

Personal essay (600-1000 words): This is the major writing sample most applications require, from undergraduate to doctoral programs. 

Supplemental essay (200-500 words): Many schools also ask applicants to write additional essays on a range of topics. Supplemental essays are typically shorter and more specific.