I used to get in trouble for "sneak reading," which says a lot about the type of kid I was. I still argue that there's nothing better than losing yourself in the thick of a fictional world. When I had to choose between Hogwarts and sleep, the flashlight under my bed became my wand.  So, you may be thinking, I can tell you're a bookworm, but what does this have to do with my essay? 

Because ultimately, good stories have the power to communicate what makes you, you. People aren't drawn to Harry Potter because they love teen wizard melodrama (okay, most people). It's because a rich narrative speaks to something essentially and recognizably human. An essay, speech, or letter without a story is just words, and words, unlike stories and people, are easily forgotten. 

Thanks to my fiendish reading habits, I recognize a good story almost instantly. I'll ask the right questions to unearth the story you need to tell. The hardest part of writing is not writing, but figuring out what to say. Once ideas crystallize, words can flow in an almost magical way. But more often than not, writing is hard work--it requires lots of thinking, drafting, and editing. That's also why I'm here. There's nothing I love more than helping you write the story that will change your life. 

My story (in brief) 

After earning an Honors English degree from the University of Michigan (go blue!) I continued to hone my writing skills by taking coffee and lunch orders as an assistant in LA. However, I realized that jotting down "BLT - extra mayo" was not providing the literary sustenance I needed, so I enrolled in grad school to become an English teacher. Now, I feel lucky to go to work every day. I get to debate the oxford comma and the eyes of Dr. TJ Eckleburg with awesome NYC kids at a great specialized high school. Plus, I'm marrying a math teacher, so I can continue my long-held practice of avoiding numbers and playing with words. 

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